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Willie Riser Bio

Willie Riser, one of the unsung heros in America's Music History, has been a full time, professional musician since 1973. He is proud to say, he has only lived in two places in his life, both of them important centers of American Music. Born in the musical hub of Chicago, Illinois, Willie is now a long time, loyal resident of Oakland, California and is a highly respected member of the Bay Area Music Scene.


Willie has had a life-long love affair with Music and the Bass. A born musician, a musician's musician, Willie Riser is known and honored by his peers as the definitive bass player.

The countless singers & performers who have sought out his superb supportive playing include: Otis Clay, Memphis R&B Singer, Carla Thomas, Lady Bianca, Frank Biner & The Night Shift, Jules Broussard, Jackie Paynes, & Ernie Johnson - and the list goes on.

Willie has recorded two albums with former Crazyhorse guitarist, songwriter George Whitsell, not to mention countless other projects. He did a World Tour with Cassablana Record's Santa Esmerelda. With over 9,000 live gigs in his career so far and still counting, Willie Riser is a success story yet to be told. He is the full measure of a true musician.